"OLOKALON" means: Inner beauty, inner peace."

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Hello, I am Vassilios “Vasee” Parashidis, an entrepreneur in the field of audiovisual media and the founder of Vau.Media, a creative network with a film and sound studio. Since 1990, I have been a street worker, supporting youth and children in my hometown, Reutlingen. With over 20 years of professional experience in social integration and educational support, I have gathered numerous experiences and successfully developed and implemented concepts for those in need. Additionally, I work for aid organizations in crisis areas worldwide, advocating for people in distress. During this time, my vision and concept for a healing center have emerged.


As if by miracle, I discovered a charming, abandoned hotel in Crete that I will now renovate and reopen with my team. It is intended to become a healing place, revitalized and accessible to people seeking peace and healing.


The former 5-star hotel “OLOKALON,” with its 14 suites, a multifunctional hall, a tavern, a small church, and a pool, will be transformed into a “Healing Center” that provides refuge for people in need, especially those with mobility restrictions, autism, and vulnerable youth and children. However, it will also be of interest to mountain enthusiasts and active vacationers. So, it’s a mix of a healing center and a hotel, if you will. It will be a place of tranquility in the midst of nature, focusing on sustainability, resource conservation, and environmental friendliness, while minimizing sensory overload such as electronic devices as much as possible. We like to call it a Zero-Star Hotel and refer to it as the “Olokalon Experience,” more information about which can be shared in a personal conversation. đŸ˜‰


Currently, we are seeking investors, sponsors, and compassionate individuals who want to financially support us. Initial discussions and visits have already taken place, and the business plan has been developed in collaboration with experts from the business and crafts sectors.


23rd September 2023 – We have managed to enlist a Greek lawyer from Athens and a tax consultant from Thessaloniki for our project. Both speak German fluently.


1st October 2023 – Our research has revealed that currently, over 800,000 young people in Germany are suffering from “media overload.” These young people, as well as adults suffering from “smartphone addiction,” are part of our target audience.


21st October 2023 – We are excited about collaborating with an autism association in Crete and an association for people with Down syndrome in Greece. In Germany, we are connected with associations for wheelchair users who urgently need barrier-free accommodation options in Greece.


1st November 2023 – Business plan, renovation plan, and profitability calculation have been reviewed and optimized by financial experts. Yeah!


10th November 2023 – We have connected with craftsmen and companies in Greece. The renovation, including building materials and furnishings, is a go!


22nd November 2023 – Meanwhile, we have some potential sponsors on board; stay tuned. Our sails are set.


27th November 2023 – A renowned Greek architect has provided us with crucial information regarding the purchase price and financing.


1st December 2023 – IMPORTANT! Currently, all we need is a financial kickstart of €50,000, preferably as a private loan over 6-12 months.


5th December 2023 Love is in the air! We are looking for interim accommodation in Crete. đŸ˜‰ Who can assist us with the kickstart?


From 2nd January 2024 – We are already preparing for the “leap” to Crete, packing our bags, and dismantling the tents. We are excited!



"The vision of a place of tranquility and healing."

For many years, I have been searching for a property like this, in exactly this condition and in such a location. I came across pictures of Olokalon in a forum. In May 2023, I finally flew to Crete, and what I discovered exceeded my expectations. My first impression: It feels more like a therapy center than a luxury hotel. All spaces are wheelchair-accessible, the restrooms are designed for people with mobility restrictions, and the suites provide ample space for wheelchair users. There is a hall for sports activities, gymnastics, workshops, and seminars. Large outdoor areas offer space for events in the realms of sports, health, and culture. Even the pool, with its shallow depth, is suitable for therapeutic purposes. What impressed me the most was the healing power of nature at this location and the therapeutic view of the vast sea. A beautiful fusion of nature and surroundings. Ideal conditions for our project.


I also spoke with the locals and met the former owner, Evi Maliotakis. She is a trained hotel professional and volunteers her time working with autistic children and teenagers. Thanks to her assistance, we established contact with a lawyer in Athens who supports us in implementing this project. Furthermore, we have gained numerous other helpers and supporters from Greece and Germany.


With a low purchase price and minimal renovation costs, Olokalon is intended to become a place of tranquility and healing or a barrier-free healing center.


As the founder, I will be the point of contact on-site from renovation to administration and will oversee the project’s implementation. From the beginning, we will be supported by experts and financial professionals to ensure that everything runs smoothly.




  1. Secure financing
  2. Purchase and renovation of Olokalon
  3. Opening of Olokalon
  4. Efficient administration of Olokalon


I am confident that, with combined efforts, we can achieve these goals and make Olokalon a unique and successful project.



Here, in the mountains of Crete, at the southernmost point of Europe, the Olokalon Healing Center will emerge, nestled in nature, free from sensory overload, and with minimalist furnishings that prioritize maximum freedom of movement and health. Therefore, we have developed a renovation plan that will bring Olokalon back to life in a relatively short time.


At first glance, the property may appear devastated, but upon closer inspection, it can be restored with minor renovation costs. Additionally, there are subsidies of up to 70% for this project, covering both the purchase price and renovation costs. I have had the property assessed by experts, consulted with lawyers and architects, and received only positive feedback.



"Peace & Healing"

Georg Maliotakis was a teacher in Greece. When his daughter, Evi’s sister, suffered a stroke, he gradually built this hotel in the mountains of Crete, in a particularly healing landscape for him. As his daughter relied on a wheelchair, the hotel was designed to be wheelchair accessible.


Tragically, shortly after the opening of Olokalon, Georg passed away prematurely, and the subsequent economic crisis in Greece led to its closure. Since then, the property has belonged to the bank. Just a few years ago, Olokalon was emptied by strangers. I believe that now we have the opportunity to acquire it at a reasonable price and bring it back to life.

“Who is behind the project?


That would be me, Vasee, along with my outstanding team, including my family and spiritual brothers, handpicked experts, and hopefully a compassionate investor or sponsor.


For many years, we have had connections with German organizations dedicated to disadvantaged children and youth. Our network also extends to companies in the healthcare sector in Germany and Greece. Since 2018, we have been collaborating with a German aid organization on projects in Athens to assist those in need.


The Olokalon Team:


I will be on-site throughout the entire process. Qualified personnel from Greece and Germany, with whom I am already in contact, will handle the renovation and management. Together, we are shaping the property into a unique place of tranquility and healing.”




We recognize a high demand for places of tranquility and healing.

The Olokalon Healing Center, or in english, “Healing Center – Inner Beauty and Inner Peace,” will offer a wide range of services and resources to support individuals in improving their physical, mental, and spiritual health and promoting holistic healing.


The range of services is specifically tailored to individuals with limited mobility, autistic individuals, vulnerable youth and children, as well as families in need. Additionally, environmentally conscious nature enthusiasts, active vacationers, and groups or businesses in the healthcare sector, such as rehabilitation clinics and fitness centers, will find suitable offerings.


Here are some of the services and offerings that our healing center will provide:

Holistic healthcare services

Including psychological counseling, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and alternative forms of therapy such as acupuncture.


These will include relaxation exercises, gymnastics, meditation, breathing techniques, and stress management courses to promote overall well-being.

Nutritional counseling

A healthy diet is crucial for physical health. Olokalon provides nutrition consultants and programs to assist individuals in maintaining a balanced diet.

Spiritual support

Some individuals seek spiritual or religious support as part of their healing journey. Our healing center can provide space for spiritual practices or guidance from spiritual leaders

Education and training

Information and training on health issues, coping strategies, and prevention will be part of the offerings.

Family and social services.

Individuals in need of support for family or social challenges will have access to services such as family therapy, social work, and counseling.



Dear Reader,

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Olokalon Healing Center. I appreciate your feedback, constructive criticism, and potential financial support.

We have prepared a brochure with additional information and a presentation of the project for personal discussions, including the business plan, renovation plan, and profitability analysis. Additionally, there are more pictures and videos of the property. Feel free to request these at vasee@vau.media or directly at (+49) 177 2272112 and/or schedule a meeting with me. I look forward to it.

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(On the picture: Former owner of Olokalon, Evi Maliotakis, & Vasee)

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